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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
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Enlivex Therapeutics Ltd

Enlivex Therapeutics Ltd
Website: http://www.enlivexpharm.com

Category: Biotechnology
Sub-category: Tissue Engineering & Cell Therapy
Medical field: Autoimmune Diseases
Est.: 2005
Stage: Clinical

Enlivex Therapeutics R&D, a cell immunotherapy company, develops autologous and allogeneic drugs for the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory conditions that involve overexpression or hyperexpression of cytokines.

The company’s preventive and therapeutic approach is based on inducing immunotolerance, or the specific normal rebalancing of the immune system, through the utilization of its proprietary Allocetra platform.

The Allocetra solution is based on activation of well-established, well-characterized natural biological pathways that are naturally utilized by the body as the standard protocol of action in cases of inflammation.

Instead of attempting to treat a problem once it occurs – a point at which the patient may already be suffering or in grave danger – Allocetra has the potential to prevent the problem before it occurs and minimize the probability of future occurrences.

In March 2019, the company has announced the completion of its merger into Nasdaq stock exchange shell Bioblast Pharma.

Contact Person Alon Moran, CEO
General Email general@enlivexpharm.com
Address POB 12167 Jerusalem 91120, Israel
Phone 972-2-9778753

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