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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
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Kadimastem Ltd.

IATI Member

Website: http://www.kadimastem.com

Category: Biotechnology
Sub-category: Tissue Engineering & Cell Therapy
Medical field: Endocrinology
Est.: 2009
Stage: Pre-Clinical

Kadimastem is a biotechnology company focused on the industrial development and commercialization of human embryonic stem cell (hESC)-based products. At Kadimastem, the ES cell technology is used to produce specialized human cells and tissues for two major types of medical applications:

1) Therapeutic aims

in Regenerative Medicine, such as implantation into patients in order to repair tissues and organs affected by diseases.

2) Drug-screening platforms and small lead compounds to treat diseases,

using ESC-derived human specialized cells and tissues as in vitro functional assays which allow screening for and discovering novel therapeutic drugs. This application is an answer to current unmet needs of big Pharma.

The company currently focuses on two major projects, based on its technology for expanding hESC and differentiating them into functional human tissues:

1) Myelin: Producing human oligodendrocyte precursor cells capable of repairing the myelin sheaths covering the nerves, which are destroyed in Multiple Sclerosis, spinal cord injury and other neurological diseases. One application of this system is for the discovery of compounds which enhance myelin repair and could become novel drugs for human therapy.

2) Diabetes: Producing pancreatic islet cells secreting insulin and other hormones essential for maintaining the blood glucose level. The insulin-secreting islet beta cells are destroyed in juvenile diabetes and are often dysfunctional in type II diabetes. Implants of islet cells have the potential to cure Diabetes. The human ESC-derived islets can be used for drug screening as well. Kadimastem has developed a novel technology which yields purified islet structures with high insulin content from upscaled hESC cultures.

Contact Person Dr. Arik Hasson, PhD
General Email info@Kadimastem.com
Address 7th Sapir Street, 1st floor, Nes-Ziona, 74036, Israel
Phone +972-8-9100695 Ext 103
Fax +972-8-9100698

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