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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
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Core Dynamics

Website: http://www.coredynamics.com

Category: Biotechnology
Sub-category: Tissue Engineering & Cell Therapy
Medical field: Orthopedic
Est.: 2005
Stage: Revenue

Core Dynamics is developing new methods for freezing, thawing and freeze-drying cells and tissues. The company's unique freezing and thawing technology allows precise control, and in a repeatable process, with high recovery, survival and function of cells after thawing. Cells, preserved with the Company's technologies and specially developed protocols can be stored for long time periods at room temperature and subsequently rehydrated with resultant high rates of cell viability and functionality.

Core Dynamics’ innovative freezing technology, called Multi Thermal Gradient (MTG™) freezing, also known as directional freezing, achieves low temperature freezing without the use of glycerol or DMSO, the additives commonly used today to freeze cells. This directional freezing, coupled with the Company's freeze-drying technology, are making it possible to freeze-dry a variety of cell types.

The Company is engaged in three major areas, cell therapy, orthopedics and blood transfusion. In the cell therapy market Core Dynamics provides companies and institutions the opportunity to collaborate on the development of cell preservation methods and protocols to suit specific cell types. In the orthopedic market, Core Dynamics is developing and marketing biological implants for bone and cartilage repair. The company also develops freeze drying technology for red blood cells.

General Email info@coredynamics.com
Address 3 Hamazmerah St. P. O. Box 2044 Ness Ziona 70400 Israel
Phone 972-8-940-4060
Fax 972-8-940-9988

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