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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI Database Life Science Companies Biotechnology Rejuvenation Ltd.

Rejuvenation Ltd.

Category: Biotechnology
Sub-category: Tissue Engineering & Cell Therapy
Medical field: Dermatology and Aesthetics
Est.: 2003
Stage: Seed

Biological Rejuvenation is developing a new method for the biological rejuvenation by a new collagenolytic agent. This agent leads to stimulation of old collagen destruction that is simultaneously replaced by new young collagen, improving connective tissue composition. The method is intended to improve cell function delaying the aging process in the whole body.  

Contact Person Prof. Pabel Rabonovith
General Email ninarb@netvision.net.il
Address 29/2 Chaim Toren St., Pisgat Zeev, Jerusalem 97823, Israel
Phone +972-2-583-2437

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