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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
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Medgenics Ltd

Website: http://www.medgenics.com

Category: Biotechnology
Sub-category: Tissue Engineering & Cell Therapy
Medical field: Neurology and Degenerative Disease
Est.: 2000
Stage: Clinical

BIOGENICS LTD. is a wholly owned Israeli subsidiary of Medgenics. The company is developing a new, cost effective, long term and patient friendly way to treat a wide variety of diseases, using genetically engineered tissue to produce therapeutic proteins in the body.

BIOGENICS owns the exclusive license to a recently patented breakthrough for the long term delivery of therapeutic proteins, called the Biopump. Based upon tissue and genetic engineering, the Biopump offers a platform technology that, using the patient's own skin, enables safe, long term production and delivery within the body of virtually any therapeutic protein for a wide range of applications in medicine

Contact Person Andrew L. Pearlman Ph.D., CEO
General Email info@medgenics.com
Address Misgav Business Park , P.O. Box 14, Misgav 20179 Israel
Phone +972.4.902.8900
Fax +972.4.999.0114

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