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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI News & Events Events Calendar Nano.Il.2018 VC-Start-Ups Sessions. Deadline for Applying: 30 Aug, 2018

Nano.Il.2018 VC-Start-Ups Sessions. Deadline for Applying: 30 Aug, 2018

Aug. 30, 2018

Investors & Startups joint opportunities at Nano.Il – October 11th, 2018

Following multiple requests, a special session will be held for Investors and Startups companies who are seeking investment in the nanotechnology relevant areas. The session will be lead by IATI organization.

Selected VCs, angels, investment groups, multinational firms and foreign commercial attaché will attend this session to get first hand brief review of the individual selected companies.

The session will be 2 hours long and will include 24 highly selected startup companies that will have 5 minutes each to present its company..

Each startup company that is interested to participate in this special opportunity session, need to contact Nkappon@paragong.com and provide a very brief one pager outline of the company.


Deadline for submitting requests is Aug 30th 2018. The selected companies will be notified if accepted by September 14th.


About NANO.IL.2018:

The NANO.IL.2018 is a central meeting point for local and for international companies, investors, universities, corporate research scientists and government representatives from around the world and it is a unique platform bringing together elite speakers and top individuals from academia, business and government..

NANO.IL.2018 is jointly organized by Israel National Nanotechnology Initiative (INNI) and the 6 leading Nanotechnology Centers across the country located within each of the top Universities. It is endorsed by the Innovation Authority under the Ministry of Trade & Industry and the Foreign Ministry of Israel.

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