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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
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IATI Stem Education Project and Cyber Olympics 2016

Apr. 10, 2016


Israel’s Cyber-Olympic kid finalists vie for championship - The Times Of Israel (April 2016).

Will the next Cyota be Israeli? IATI Co-Chair Erez Tsur on the National Cyber Championship Finals (People & Computers, April 2016). 

Over 260,00 students participated in the Israeli Cyber Championship - with a quote from IATI Co-Chair Erez Tsur. TechTime (April 2016).

A Globes item on the National Cyber Championship finals - Globes (print version, April 2016).

National Cyber Championship announced - KolHai (April 2016).

Winners of the Israeli Cyber Championship announced - on People and Computers and News1 (April 2016). 

Who will win the Israeli Cyber Championship? This national STEM project, co-initiated by IATI, Ministry of Education and Rashi Foundation, has taken Israeli schools by storm. Arutz 7 and ITNews (April 2016).

Taking ‘start-up nation’ to the next level - a Jerusalem Post article on IATI's SYEM education project as a long term solution to Israel's High-Tech industry future HR shortage. With a quote from Karin Mayer Rubinstein (Feb. 2016).

Religeous middle-schools got top results on the National Coding Olympics - a Kipa.co.il feature story (Feb. 2016). Click for the print version.

Ragar village, a little determined rural village, made it to the Naional Coding Olympics' final. A Ynet story with comments for Shachar Bar-Or, Head of IATI MNC Forum Education Work Group (Feb. 2016). 

Ramat Hasharon school children shine at the National Coding Olympics co-organized by the IATI - a Local.co.il new item (Feb. 2016).

National Coding Olympics - 5,000 students of Modi'in city joined in this IATI co-organized project. an M City news item. See also: thousands of Modiin school children participate in the National Coding Olympics (Jan. 2016).

IATI Coding Olympics will expose 250,000 school children and students to computer science. TheMarker feature story with Shachar Bar-Or, Head of IATI MNC Forum Education Work Group, interviewed. Click for the Print version.

National Coding Olympic is just about to take off. IATI Co-Chair Erez Tsur explains why the project is crucial for Israeli High-Tech's future. An Israel Hayom feature story (Dec. 2015).

Israel Cyber Championship Kickstart – TheMarker.

The State, IATI and Rashi Foundation will co-invest NIS 6 million in technological education - Globes.

MNC R&D research centers In Israel will invest NIS 1.5 in elementry schools - TheMarker.

Multinationals invest in teaching Israeli kids to code (English) - The Jerusalem Post.

Naftali Bennett meets HighTech - TheMarker.

Ministry of Education will invest NIS 3 million in "Technological Olimpics" - a PC.Co.il. 

An innovative enterprize was launched for encouraging school children to study programming - Telniri.

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