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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI News & Events IATI in the Press IATI MNC Women Weekathon 2016

IATI MNC Women Weekathon 2016

Mar. 10, 2016

Two "Innovate or Die" podcasts were dedicated to IATI MNC Women's Weekathon: one with IATI CEO Karin Mayer Rubinstein, and one with 3 Weekathon female developers: Motorola solutions' Simona Lasker, Marvell's Ronny Wasserman, and Shani of SheCodes; organization. 

A Reshet Beit radio interview with Simona Lisker, IATI MNC Women's Weekathon participant and Team Manager at Motorola Solutions; and IATI Co-Chair Erez Tsur, on this year's hackathon innovations (Mar. 2016).

No glass ceiling for women in tech, says top executive - IATI CEO unfolds her vision in The Times Of Israel on occasion of International Women's Day (Mar. 2016). French version.

Intel CEO mentors Weekathon participants: a Globes item - print version (Mar. 2016).

Women-Only Hackaton Yields interesting products - Chiportal news item (Mar. 2016).

MNCs executives coding marathon - a feature story in TheMarker on IATI Women's Weekathon.

IATI MNC Women's Weekathon is the only hackathon to allow teamwork of developers from otherwise competing MNCs - a Globes item (Mar. 2016). Print version.

If women were in charge - High-tech women join forces for weekathon - The Jerusalem Post on IATI's Weekathon (March 2016). Print version.

Women's hackathon will be held on International's Woman Day week - NRG (Feb. 2016).

IATI will hold a unique women-only Weekathon with 35 female developers - New Tech Magazine (Feb. 2016).

IATI announces a women only hackathon - TechTime (Feb. 2016).

Female developers from local MNC centers will take part in IATI's Women's Weekathon - People & Computers (Feb. 2016).

First of its kind event: IATI MNC Women's Weekathon - Soft News (Feb, 2016).

The IATI will hold a women-only hackathon - Telecom News (Feb. 2016).

IATI MNC Women's Weekathon will be held in March - Sponser.co.il (Feb. 2016).

A unique IATI women-only Weekathon to take place in March - IT Portal.

International Woman's Day 2016 will see IATI's female developers' hackathon - YedaTech (Feb. 2016).

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