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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI About IATI in the Press IATI MNC Women Weekathon 2016

IATI MNC Women Weekathon 2016

Mar. 10, 2016

Two "Innovate or Die" podcasts were dedicated to IATI MNC Women's Weekathon: one with IATI CEO Karin Mayer Rubinstein, and one with 3 Weekathon female developers: Motorola solutions' Simona Lasker, Marvell's Ronny Wasserman, and Shani of SheCodes; organization. 

A Reshet Beit radio interview with Simona Lisker, IATI MNC Women's Weekathon participant and Team Manager at Motorola Solutions; and IATI Co-Chair Erez Tsur, on this year's hackathon innovations (Mar. 2016).

No glass ceiling for women in tech, says top executive - IATI CEO unfolds her vision in The Times Of Israel on occasion of International Women's Day (Mar. 2016). French version.

Intel CEO mentors Weekathon participants: a Globes item - print version (Mar. 2016).

Women-Only Hackaton Yields interesting products - Chiportal news item (Mar. 2016).

MNCs executives coding marathon - a feature story in TheMarker on IATI Women's Weekathon.

IATI MNC Women's Weekathon is the only hackathon to allow teamwork of developers from otherwise competing MNCs - a Globes item (Mar. 2016). Print version.

If women were in charge - High-tech women join forces for weekathon - The Jerusalem Post on IATI's Weekathon (March 2016). Print version.

Women's hackathon will be held on International's Woman Day week - NRG (Feb. 2016).

IATI will hold a unique women-only Weekathon with 35 female developers - New Tech Magazine (Feb. 2016).

IATI announces a women only hackathon - TechTime (Feb. 2016).

Female developers from local MNC centers will take part in IATI's Women's Weekathon - People & Computers (Feb. 2016).

First of its kind event: IATI MNC Women's Weekathon - Soft News (Feb, 2016).

The IATI will hold a women-only hackathon - Telecom News (Feb. 2016).

IATI MNC Women's Weekathon will be held in March - Sponser.co.il (Feb. 2016).

A unique IATI women-only Weekathon to take place in March - IT Portal.

International Woman's Day 2016 will see IATI's female developers' hackathon - YedaTech (Feb. 2016).

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