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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
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IATI Biomed 2016

May. 24, 2016


Special Haaretz Biomed supplement in occasion of IATI Biomed 2016 - articles by IATI Biomed Co-Chairs Ruti Alon and Benny Zeevi (print vesrion),  IATI Co-Chair Yaky Yanay, and IATI CEO Karin Mayer Rubinstein. (May 2016).

IATI-Biomed presents best of life-sciences - Israel21c (May 2016).

Highlights from IATI Biomed Conference keynote speakers (Pfiezer, Ramot and more) - Globes and NRG (May 2016).

Israeli med-tech authority pushes for much faster development, innovation - Medical Device Daily (June 2016). 

Interview with biomed entrepreneur Patrick Terry, a IATI Biomed keynote speaker - Globes, Juy 2016.

Researchers made a step towards fixing bad genetics, present at IATI Biomed - a Haartez article (June 2016).

Ramot CEO speech at IATI Biomed, summed up in Hadoctor (May 2016).

NeuroRx Wins Startup Competition at IATI-Biomed 2016, Israel’s Leading Life Science Conference - HaaretzGlobesYahoo! Finance , Israel21cNRGThe Times Of Israel and Hadoctor (May 2016).

Impressions from IATI Biomed "Connected Care & Health Informatics" panel, with speakers from Philips Healthcare, Teva, Borderless Healthcare Group and more (Hadoctor, May 2016). 

New healthcare information technologies on Israel's Biomed Conference, IATI Biomed 2016 - SECI (May 2016).

Hundreds of Chinese-Israeli B2B meetings are taking place during IATI Biomed 2016 Conference (Hadoctor), 500 China-Israeli B2B Meetings Held During Israeli Biomed Conference - The Yashiva World (May 2016). 

First impressions from the first morning's keynote speakers at Israel's leading life science conference - Hadoctor (also on Hayadan, and YNET, May 2016).

OrbiMed launches $307m fund for Israeli med-tech investments, will be scouting for opportunities at IATI Biomed - The Times of Israel and NewsGeek

Some of the interesting Israeli innovations presented in IATI Biomed 2016 -  Nana10 News (May 2016).

Belgian Novadip’s stem cell technology can regrow real bone and skin for repairs - GeekTime (July 2016).

H&S's innovation will make cancer treatments 50% more efficient, presented in IATI Biomed - NRG (May 2016).

Personalized cancer drug co in AbbVie collaboration - Hide and Seq will present its activity at the IATI Biomed 2016 conference. Also Hebrew version (Globes, May 2016). Print version: Page 1, Page 2.

Special interview with an IATI Biomed keynote speaker: Anthony Muslin, VP, Head of the Cardiovascular and Fibrosis Therapeutic Strategic Unit at Sanofi Global R & D (Globes, Mako and NRG, May 2016).

A Globes interview with Francois Maisonrouge, Senior Managing Director in Evercore Partners, and a keynote speaker on IATI Biomed 2016 (also on NRG, May 2016).

Mayo Clinic's first country-directed investment and partnership program will be officially launched at the IATI Biomed conference - The Jerusalem Post. Mayo Clinic to collaborate with Israeli startups, the initiative will be announced on IATI Biomed - Globes (also Hebrew version), and Post Bulletin (May 2016). 

Teva will reveal its GPS Cancer test at the IATI Biomed 2016 - Hayadan and Hadoctor (May 2016).

A Reshet Beit radio interview with IATI Biomed Co-Chair Ruti Alon (May 2016, trascript).

A Globes interview with Henry O. Gosebruch, Executive VP and CSO at Abbvie, and speaker at the neurological disorders track during IATI Biomed Conference, May 24-26 (Globes, May 2016).

Pharma team seeks Israeli technologies - an interview with Novartis AG Global Program Head Strategic Partnership Team Marie Lindner, who will take part in the 2016 IATI Biomed Conference (Globes, May 2016). 

2Breath develops an app for sleeping problems - to be featured on IATI Biomed 2016 (Channel 2 TV interview, May 2016).

Israeli BrainMARC will measure concnetration and attention to improve studying - featured at IATI Biomed (Channel 2 TV interview, May 2016).

7 Israeli robots that are transforming surgery - with Prof. Alon Wolf, Chair of the Robotics in Healthcare session at the IATI-BioMed conference. Israel21c (May 2016).

A process of elimination - All about curing disease with body wastes, from Dr. Nitsan Maharshak, who will be Co-Chairing the Microbiome track at the IATI Biomed 2016 Conference (Jerusalem Post, April 2016). Also on Walla News.

Robot Surgeons Coming Soon, to a Future Battlefield Near You - an interview with Prof. Alon Wolf, Chairperson of "Robotics' Role in Healthcare" track at IATI Biomed 2016.

Wave of the future – A new technique of gene therapy will be featured at the IATI Biomed Conference - Jerusalem Post (March 2016).

IATI Biomed Conference celebrates its 15th year - Hayadan, NRG, HadoctorGrey, (Mar. 2016).

Hurry up and register to IATI Biomed 2016 - Israel Trade website.

One in four life science innovations has Israeli roots, says expert - The Times Of Israel (Mar. 2016).

IATI-Biomed to hold 15th Israeli conference in May - Globes (Mar. 2016).

IATI-Biomed, Israel’s Leading Life Science Conference, Celebrates its 15th Anniversary - Business Wire (Mar. 2016).

The Trendlines Group sums up its 11th year at the IATI Biomed (June 2016).

Additional Languages

Israele: a Iati Biomed 2016, 7 aziende italiane biomedica - ansamed (May 2016).

Avances. Una de cada cuatro innovaciones en las ciencias de la vida tiene raíces israelíes 

- on ItonGadol (Spanish, Mar. 2016).

A Biomed 2016, le 1er smartphone médical au monde, "LifeWatch" sera présenté - IsraelValley (May 2016).


Companies' announcments

Beame will feature its new information coding system for hospitals, at the IATI Biomed (May 2016); Beame will cooperate with German Brainlab with a technology first presented at IATI Biomed - Globes and NRG (June2016).

 Musli Thyropeutics' longevity innovation for brain cancer patients will participate in the Start-up competition at IATI Biomed 2016 (YNet, and MSN, May 2016).

MassChallenge accelerator will attend IATI Biomed 2016 (Hayadan, May 2016).

Yissum will present at IATI Biomed 2016 its new technology for early diagnostic of various diseases - News1, GlobesTheMarker , Talniri , NoCamels and Yahoo Finance (May 2016). 

Non-Surgical Male Circumcision Device Approved for Use in Adolescents by the World Health Organization - the device will be presented at the Start-Up Pavilion in IATI Biomed (PR Newswire, May 2016).

Sibana Medical will feature its new formulation for breast re-construction at IATI Biomed 2016 (NRG, May 2016).

OWC Pharmaceuticals Corp to Present at Israeli Advanced Technology Industry's BioMed Conference (PR Nweswire).

2breathe Unveils First Smart Device to Induce Sleep in IATI Biomed - PR Newswire (May 2016).



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