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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI News & Events Daily Industry News A Tiny Country Transforms the World With Tech

A Tiny Country Transforms the World With Tech

Mar. 11, 2013

Situated in the middle of the world's most volatile region stands an oasis of technology that impacts practically everyone on the globe. Israel, affectionately known as Silicon Wadi, has become the second most important technology center in the world. In the most unlikely of scenarios, a tiny country that has been existentially threatened since its formation 65 years ago has become the "startup nation" responsible for helping move mankind forward with technology and science.

The confluence of factors that led to Israel's success story are numerous and unique. For one, Israelis have lived under constant threat from hostile neighbors since day one -- which has created an ability for individuals and the society-at-large to cope with pressure and to creatively solve extraordinarily difficult problems.

Furthermore, Israel has lacked in natural resources (until recently, significant natural gas and oil resources have been located deep in the ground), which has forced the country to capitalize on its greatest resource: brain power, as the country's 89-year-old president Shimon Peres likes to say.

In perhaps the greatest "lemons to lemonade" story of the last century, the Jewish people gathered its shattered pieces after near Nazi annihilation, reestablished sovereignty in its ancient homeland, built a thriving democratic state, and with highly limited resources, learned to innovate and create extraordinary technologies-in a wide variety of fields including mobile, biotech, green-tech, and enterprise and consumer web.

The tech phenomenon in Israel is actually pulling great entrepreneurs and investors to the country from around the globe. Ben Enosh, Yoni Silberberg and David Markowitz, for example, immigrated from the United States to Israel and co-founded startup PLYmedia in 2006. The company is a trading platform for publishers, offering "a range of services focused on monetization and localization of media for content owners, advertisers and publishers," according to the startup's website.

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