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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI News & Events Daily Industry News Medical Device Daily on IATI-Biomed Israel 2013

Medical Device Daily on IATI-Biomed Israel 2013

Mar. 18, 2013

Medical Device Daily has published a story on IATI-Biomed's new and innovative conference format: this year, participants from around the world will be involved in planning the conference agenda and influencing its content.

Quote: For the first time ever... merely by submitting a short abstract on the topic of their choice, a proposer may obtain a speaking slot, or perhaps even design a full panel discussion. International (and Israeli) biomed companies, scientists and entrepreneurs will be given the Chance-To-Speak and present their latest perspectives and innovations at this high-profile conference, using the crowdsourcing concept to guide the schedule.

Crowdsourcing is a modern approach, involving the use of a community often an online community to decide/vote on a subject, rather than leaving it to a select group of decision-makers... "We saw it as very appealing, to utilize our public in our case, a very well-informed and involved biomed public to crowdsource their opinions, in order to direct us to what they see as the attractive side of the world of biomed, and its future direction", Ruti Alon, the IATI-Biomed Co-Chairperson, and General Partner at Pitango VC told Medical Device Daily.

"We want people who can show how their work is changing the international medtech and life science sphere, and promote themselves in our hub of change here at IATI Biomed", says Benny Zeevi, managing general partner, @DFJ Tel Aviv Venture Partners, and co-chair of IATI and of the Conference. "Using this new approach, we are hoping to attract individuals from a broader background and geography, in what is already a truly globally-represented medical summit", he said.


For the full story click here (requires registration).

For submitting your abstract to IATI-Biomed 2013 click here

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