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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI News & Events Daily Industry News 65 years on, Israel is top choice for tech by multinationals

65 years on, Israel is top choice for tech by multinationals

Apr. 16, 2013

A birthday is a time to celebrate the past and plan for the future – and there is plenty for Israel’s high-tech industry to celebrate on the occasion of the country’s 65th anniversary. Besides featuring a large start-up scene, Israel is home to dozens of R&D labs that belong to multinational tech companies, some of them the principal development facility for their parent corporation.

So, last week, Israel’s high-tech industry — in the form of the Israel Advanced Technologies Industry group — threw itself an Independence Day party in Tel Aviv, where representatives of of 17 R&D labs belonging to multinational companies (MNCs) talked about the innovations, accomplishments, and contributions they make to their parent companies. Hundreds of guests came, including Economics Minister Naftali Bennett and the ambassadors and diplomatic staff from no fewer than 41 countries, all of whom came out to learn the secret of Israel’s high-tech accomplishments.

IATI is an umbrella group that fosters communications between tech companies and lobbies for the industry. The MNCs in Israel are a major factor in Israel’s high-tech success, according to IATA CEO Karin Rubinstein, with their labs responsible for half of the high-tech jobs in Israel. Seventeen of the world’s top tech companies, including Microsoft, Google, Oracle, IBM, Yahoo, General Motors and Sears gave a briefing about their employers, the activities of their R&D labs, and how Israeli technology contributes to the bottom line of both their parent corporations and the state.

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