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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
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Game Developement Region Focus: Israel

Apr. 21, 2013

Ask almost any urban Israeli today about the nation’s business strengths, and you’ll likely hear about its prowess as a technology and hardware hub.

Outside the country’s borders, blinded as many are by the light cast from Silicon Valley, it would be easy to assume such comments ware just grandstanding on behalf of enthusiastic locals.

But consider this. It was in Israel, at natural interface outfit PrimeSense, where the depth sensing technology behind Kinect was conceived and created. Quite simply, one of the fastest selling pieces of gadgetry of all time was born from Israel.

It’s also the place where Google recently established one of its most ornate offices yet, in the same Tel Aviv skyscraper that houses a vast PayPal base and areas dedicated to influential tech companies like semiconductor specialist Broadcom.

VCs in the region appear devoted to funding Israel’s hardware businesses, and the country is very much thriving when it comes to tangible technology. As a result, Israel’s games development sector is starting to establish itself, after years near dormant, cut off in an era before digital distribution.

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