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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI News & Events Daily Industry News IATI-Biomed Israel 2013: the Innovations, the Interviews

IATI-Biomed Israel 2013: the Innovations, the Interviews

Jun. 4, 2013

IATI-Biomed Israel 2013 Conference will host this year over 6,000 visitors from 40 countries: scientists, entrepreneurs, VC investors, and market leaders. All these and others will feature presentations from hundreds of industry leaders in the fields of biotechnology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, IT, digital medicine and more.

This is the 12th year of the Conference, that has adopted this year a groundbreaking “Chance-To-Speak” format, featuring crowd-driven content where participants have chosen who will speak at the event.

Ruti Alon, the Conference Co-Chairperson, spoke with Bloomberg news on what the coming event will hold.

Israeli inventions underpin 20% of global biotech revenue - a Globes feature story with Ruti Alon.

Dr. Eric Lander, the co-chair of U.S. President Barack Obama's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology and a principal leader of the human genome project, will deliver a keynote address in the Coference. Click here for Yediot Aharonot's take of the item (Hebrew).

Graeme Martin, CEO of the Japanese Takeda Ventures, is visiting Israel prior to participating in the Conference, and declared his organization's interest with the local Life Science industry.

6,000 participants are expected at the Conference - The Marker's feature story.

Some special companies announcements are expected during the Conference, as well as many innovations that will be featured for the first time. 

Israel Channel 2 News has broadcasted a feature story about the eHealth and mHealth applications to be presented in the IATI-Biomed Israel 2013 (Hebrew).

A Hayadan story about the German ZiMT delgation's innovations in the endoscopy field.

Italian delegation on IATI Biomed Israeli 2013: a news release.

Brittish biomed & pharma delegation will consider co-operations with Israeli companies - press release on gov.uk website (Hebrew). 

Tel Aviv University researchers' discovery that may help treatment of MS, cerebral palsy, will be presented in the Conference.

A YNet video story about Israeli BioGaming's technology, to be presented in the Conference (Hebrew).

Bar-Ilan University scientists will present a technology that may enable people who are blind from birth to see, with the help of a bionic contact lens.

BioImage will present its MRI abilities in early detection of breast cancer.

B.G Negev will present its novel tissue regeneration process (Hebrew). 

Orgenesis will present its technology dedicated to converting a patient's own liver cells into functioning insulin-producing cells as a treatment for diabetes.

Mintz Levin Attorney to Present at IATI BioMed Conference - a Fort Mill TImes story.


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