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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI News & Events Daily Industry News IATI MNC Weekathon 2013: The Presentations

IATI MNC Weekathon 2013: The Presentations

Jul. 1, 2013

Presentations from IATI MNC Weekathon Demo day, June 27 2013 (by order of presentation):


1. Look: Adaptive intuitive digital window shopping. Shop your Way, personalized social commerce.

By Ithai Levy (HP), Eyal Kolman (RSA), Shani Raba (Delver), Yossi Shmueli (Sears).

2. Safe.Comm: Car communications systems.
Video: safe@comm integrated into the Chevrolet Volt.
By Asaf Degani (GM), Yair Hougui (Texas Instruments), Ido Zelman (GM), Gil Abramovich (GE), Anton Khitrenovich (RSA), Roman Zendel (EMC).

3. C-mapGraphically showing participation in government committees. 
By Shahar Frank (EMC), Inbar Shani (HP), Assaf Sinvani (Alcatel-Lucent) & Ettie Shalev (Alcatel-Lucent).

4. Social Energy Metering: find out, see graphically and compare your actual appliances energy consumption.
By Gilboa Shveki (Texas instruments), Henry Sakran (GE), Elad Shienfeld (Sears). 

5. Face On The Fly: Identify faces in a crowd from a flying drone.
By Ido Sekely (Alcatel-Lucent) and Eyal Lin (GE Healthcare).

6. Car Insightturn your car into a device.
By Shahar Prish (Microsoft), Addy Santo (Microsoft), Michael Gaisinsky (GE). 

7. Kinect My RideIdentify the driver, and warn when the driver's attention is not on the road.
By Elad Ziklik (Microsot), Ziv Caspi (Microsoft), Ron Asherov (GM), Ariel Lipson (GM). 




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