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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
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World Industrialists Woo Israeli Agritech

Dec. 8, 2013

Leaders and decision-makers from multi-national companies like Bayer and PepsiCo recently came to Israel for a four-day event called Agrivest.

They came to get their boots dirty at Israeli high-tech farms, but also to talk in first person to a broad range of Israel’s agritech entrepreneurs, letting them know what the industry needs.

The idea behind the second annual Agrivest event, run by the Trendlines Group and its Trendlines Agtech (formerly Mofet Venture Accelerator), was to help build momentum –– to align Israel’s startup-nation smarts in agriculture technologies with the corporate world at large, and vice versa.

Israel develops jaw-dropping agritech to meet local needs, but its real market is out in the wide world, in both the developed and developing world.

But forget about tractors, drip irrigation piping, or state-of-the-art sorting machines. Israel’s latest breed of technology companies in the agritech space differs from the days of yore. These businesses use the latest in biotech and IT to make the farm more tech-friendly, environmentally sound and efficient.

 a sort of game-show format, visitors got to choose who presented the most innovative startup company from Israel, one that could best meet the market needs.

Out of a field of 12 companies, the winner was Rootility. The company is funded by venture capital firm Green Soil. The company is able to create plants with heartier roots, which leads to greater crop output.

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