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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI News & Events Daily Industry News IATI Biomed 2015: 2014 a record year for life science investments

IATI Biomed 2015: 2014 a record year for life science investments

May. 11, 2015

The Israeli life science industry is healthier than ever, thanks to a record year of investments in 2014, according to Benny Zeevi, co-chairman of the Israel Advanced Technology Industry (IATI).

The industry, Zeevi said, “is rapidly and exuberantly growing, while playing an important role in the world healthcare market. Following a decade of significant growth, the Israeli life sciences industry is continually demonstrating encouraging parameters of maturity and promising signs towards a breakthrough decade.”

According to the Israel Venture Capital (IVC) Research Center, $801 million was invested in 167 life sciences companies, a figure that was 55% higher than the $516 million raised by 142 companies in 2013, and 64% more than the $489 million invested in 133 life sciences companies in 2012. Between 2005 and 2011, an average of $371 million was invested in 99 life sciences companies annually.

Zeevi made the comments in a report on the business in advance of this week’s BioMed 2015, an annual event that generally draws hundreds of industry executives, scientists and engineers, with thousands of attendees from over 45 countries. As in previous years, hundreds of Israeli life science companies will present and exhibit their products, services and technologies allowing for hands-on experience.

Among the innovations at this year’s event will be a first-ever healthcare IT hackathon, in parallel to the conference and exhibition. Over three days, individuals with technology and healthcare backgrounds, including engineers, clinicians, entrepreneurs, software developers and designers, will divide into mixed groups of their choice and collaborate in order to come up with innovative solutions to health IT challenges. Among the projects hackers will be asked to take on: Technology solutions for monitoring patients outside the clinic and hospitals, such as telemedicine and solutions for preventive medicine; technology for improving patients’ information security, specifically when sharing information and coordinating between different healthcare systems; solutions for improving patients’ compliance with medical regime and medical care instructions.

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