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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI News & Events Daily Industry News IATI Biomed 2015. J&J: We seek healthcare cos to change the world

IATI Biomed 2015. J&J: We seek healthcare cos to change the world

May. 13, 2015

J&J Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joan Waldstreicher is in Israel for the IATI BIOMED conference.

Johnson & Johnson is a unique corporation containing huge pharmaceutical companies, a major medical devices company, and a consumer products division. As such, it is well prepared for the coming years, in which a trend towards synergy between these fields is projected. The company has been a veteran investor and buyer of companies in Israel since the 1990s, and is known for leaving most of its acquired companies independent and active. Among others, it acquired Biosense, whose sales turnover currently exceeds $1 billion, and Jerusalem company Omrix Biopharmaceuticals.

Johnson & Johnson's representative at this year's biomedical conference is Dr. Joan Waldstreicher, its chief medical officer, who is responsible for clinical trials, and also deals with cooperative enterprises and R&D, among other things with potential partners and acquisitions.

"Globes": What leading products have you launched in recent years?

Waldstreicher: "Over the past five years, we in the pharma division have launched 14 new medicinal products, all of which are breakthroughs. The most prominent are probably the Sirturo drug for tuberculosis and the Ibrutinib drug for blood cancer. In the medical devices sector, we're very excited about what's happening at Biosense Webster, based on the acquired Israeli company, which specializes in atrial fibrillation heartbeat disorders. The product was developed in cooperation with teams in Haifa and California, and the Israeli contribution is very important here. The Haifa team won three Johnson medals for scientists in five years, an unprecedented number for a single team, which shows how innovative the Israeli team is".

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