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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI News & Events Daily Industry News IATI Biomed 2015. Roche: Israel too tough over clinical trials

IATI Biomed 2015. Roche: Israel too tough over clinical trials

May. 14, 2015

Roche head of partnering Sophie Kornowski-Bonnet, visiting the IATI Biomed 2015 Conference in Tel Aviv as a keynote speaker, wants to deliver a message to the Israeli regulator: "There are countries that need to improve their system of clinical trials in order to take part in the clinical trials game, which is an important element in pharmaceutical development. We sometimes lead 100 clinical trials in Israel at any given moment, and we therefore know that it's hard to get trials approved in Israel, especially those based on a genetic database. A year is sometimes necessary in Israel to negotiate the beginning of such a trial, and it worries us a little that if this doesn't improve, Israel won't be in the forefront of science. Obviously, we understand that it is necessary to protect the patient and the reliability of information, but at the same time, the pace of approving trials must be quickened, and simple, anonymous genetic databases created, because the patients need these solutions."

In Israel, Roche invests in companies in the very early stages in partnership with the Pontifax venture capital fund. According to Kornowski-Bonnet, the company has founded several companies in the framework of the Chief Scientist's incubators "at an investment of several hundred thousand dollars from us in each company, and a lot of our support and guidance, in exchange for first refusal rights. The companies are in the field of cancer and rare diseases, and of the companies we founded, we continued to support three of them after the initial investment, although we have not yet integrated any real project into Roche. The companies are cCAM Biotherapeutics in the immuno-oncology field; Plexicure, which develops antibodies for cancer; and ProMining Therapeutics, which has created a new platform for developing drugs in a various fields. In the Rnai sector (inhibition of gene expression, G.W.), Quiet Therepeutics is very interesting.

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