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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
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eBay Israel expands presence

Aug. 23, 2015

The International e-commerce giant eBay has announced the enlargement of their operations in Israel and the recruitment of 50 employees.

The company is looking for people with relevant experience in the field or those that served in technological and/ or intelligence units in their military service, as well as those that speak a foreign language (mainly German, French, Italian and Spanish) that have a technological background. The relevant positions in eBay includes Java software development engineers, data-science professionals and analysts – Algorithmically- oriented people that can work with big data.

eBay Israel currently has about 230 employees and operates in two main units located in Netanya. One is a development center that specializes in structured data for the international eBay site. Yuval Matalon, head of the development center, serves as the CEO of eBay Israel. The second is the business unit, promoting Israeli businesses and building up Israeli consumers in the trading company’s global arenas, headed by Elad Goldenberg, director of eBay’s business activities in Israel.

According to Matalon: “The recruitment process will support the expansion in the areas of big data, data mining and structured data, all in order to offer our customers even better ways to quickly and easily find their favorite items. Today, the whole world knows that Israel has some of the most capable minds, and the best proof for that is when a huge international company like eBay decided to expand its activity in Israel and recruit new employees right here in our development center.”

For the full item on The Jerusalem Post click here.


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