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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI News & Events Daily Industry News New Co-Chairmen Elected for the IATI: Erez Tsur, EMC Israel GM, and Yaky Yanay, Pluristem President

New Co-Chairmen Elected for the IATI: Erez Tsur, EMC Israel GM, and Yaky Yanay, Pluristem President

Sep. 6, 2015

IATI's Board of Directors have elected new Co-Chairmen last week who will lead the IATI (Israel Advanced Technology Industries) - the largest umbrella organization representing the high tech and life science industries.

Erez Tsur, EMC Israel GM (High-tech) and Yaky Yanay, Pluristem Therapeutics President (Life Science), serve now as Co-Chairmen and are working jointly with IATI CEO Karin Mayer Rubinstein. They are replacing Yoav Chelouche and Dr. Benny Zeevi, who each completed 3 year terms.

We warmly thank Yoav and Benny for their devoted & successful term as Co-Chairmen! They will continue to serve as Board Members. Click here for our collages representing Benny's term and Yoav's term.  

A new IATI Board of Directors  was also elected earlier, consisting of 29 key persons from all the Industry's sectors. These include: IronSource CEO Tomer Bar Zeev, HP Software Israel VP & GM Rafi Margaliot, Microsoft Israel CEO Yoram Yaacovi, Magma VP Managing Partner Yahal Zilka, Pitango VC Managing Partner Aaron Mankovski, Ramot Tech Trasnfer Company CEO Shlomo Nimrodi, Philips Medical Systems GM Guido Pardo Roques, Compugen CEO Anat Cohen-Dayag, Bioline VP David Malek, and for the first time ultra-Orthodox sector representatives: Rachip CEO Racheli Ganot and Takwin Labs CEO Itzik Frid.

Click here for the full list of IATI newly elected board.  

See the news coverage on Globes (print version), TheMarker , Calcalist, NoCamelsPC.co.il and Telecom News.

The Minister of the Economy, Mr. Aryeh Deri, met with IATI management on August 24th, to hear about the Industry's challenges and opportunities.










Left to right: Erez Tsur, Aryeh Deri, Yaky Yanay, Karin Mayer Rubinstein.

The Israeli Advanced Technology Industries (IATI) is the largest umbrella organization representing Israel’s high tech and life science industries. The IATI includes about 600 members who belong to every level and sector of the industry, including R&D centers of multi-national companies, local and international venture capital funds, incubators, accelerators, private investors, tech transfer companies, municipalities and service providers.

Last year the IATI successfully lead a large number of pro-industry initiatives. These include: Advocating against proposed reductions in the Chief Scientist's budget, helping shape the legislation towards turning the OCS into The Innovation Authority, promoting institutional investments in Israeli High-Tech and life science industries, promoting public IPOs of advanced technologies companies in the Israeli Stock Market, promoting tech education in order to prevent future shortages of skilled workforces in the Industry and more.  

Karin Mayer Rubinstein, IATI CEO, said: "I thank Yoav Chelouche and Dr. Benny Zeevi for their contribution to advancing the High-Tech and Life Science industry in Israel.

" We are in an important stage for the Israeli advanced technologies industries – alongside the flourishing investments and IPOs of Israeli companies and more global corporations entering Israel, there is still plenty to do about promoting tech education in order to foster a future workforce in the Industry, to integrate ultra-orthodox (Haredim), women and Israeli-Arabs in the Industry, and to continue to create a massive pull of business opportunities to the Israeli industry and entrepreneurship.

"The two incoming IATI Chairmen bring with them expertise and a deep knowledge of the sectors they represent, along with a real willingness to act in favor of the industry".

Erez Tsur is the GM of EMC Israel, which serves Israeli clients including organizations of all industry sectors, from large corporations to start-ups, as well as military and government organizations. Until now Erez sat as an IATI Board member and the Co-Chair of the IATI MNC Forum. Prior to his position at EMC, Erez was the GM of Cadence Design Systems, an American software company in the micro-electronics and semi-conductors, field that employs hundreds of workers in Israel. Erez Tsur holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Communications form Bar-Ilan University and an MBA in  Marketing and Risk Management from Heriot-Watt University. In 2008 Erez was titled one of the most promising managers of High-Tech industry by the Globes G40 Project.

Yaky Yanay is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Pluristem [NASDAQ: PSTI]  , a world leader in developing and producing placenta cell-based drugs.  From 2006 and until February 2014, he served as Pluristem’s Chief Financial Officer and as Executive Vice President.   Prior to joining Pluristem, Mr. Yanay was the Chief Financial Officer of Elbit Vision Systems Ltd. Mr. Yanay founded and served as Chairman of the “The Life Science Forum” in Israel and over the last 3 years he was a member of the Board of Directors of Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI). Mr. Yanay holds a bachelor’s degree with honors in Business Administration and Accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant in Israel.



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