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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI News & Events Daily Industry News Instant light, safe driving, indestructible threads all part of nano future

Instant light, safe driving, indestructible threads all part of nano future

Mar. 24, 2016

Shades and curtains that can light up a room or darken a window, making them as transparent or as opaque as desired; monitoring of physiological parameters such as stress, fatigue, pain, alcohol influence, drug use, and other factors using electromagnetic emissions from sweat ducts; 3D printers that can print circuit boards and sensors; threads that are stronger than spider webs; and dozens of new nano-technology innovations and inventions.

It’s all part of the brave new world of nano-materials technology, in which nano-tech is employed to develop fibers, metals, and other materials to do the above and much more. In fact, all of those products and technologies are on the market now, designed by Israeli high-tech firms Qlight, Neteera, Nano-Dimension, and Seevix, respectively.

What all those companies have in common is that they are graduates of technology developed at Hebrew University and promoted by Yissum, Hebrew U’s tech transfer company – and on March 29th, Yissum and Hebrew University will be sponsoring its first-ever Advanced Materials Conference.

“It’s a window to all that is happening in the area of materials development,” said Dana Gavish-Fridman, head of business development at Yissum. “There is a lot happening in materials, both in academic development and in emerging technologies that are just going on the market. The research we are doing at Hebrew University is being adopted by some of the world’s largest companies, via the tech transfer to the private sector Yissum is responsible for.”

A good example of that process is Qlight, an Israeli start-up that last year was bought out by Merck KgaA, one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical firms, but also the world market leader, with 60 percent of the market, in liquid crystal display technology. Qlight develops lighting solutions based on nano-technology “that are far superior to anything currently on the market, and that will help us retain and expand our position as market leader,” said Karl-Ludwig Kley, CEO of Merck, on a visit to Israel last June to sign the deal for the acquisition of the Israeli firm. With Qlight’s technology, Merck hopes to develop innovative lighting solutions – such as the aforementioned shades that can change from transparent to opaque, as needed.

For the full feature story on The Times of Israel click here.

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