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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI News & Events Daily Industry News IATI Biomed 2016: Pharma team seeks Israeli technologies

IATI Biomed 2016: Pharma team seeks Israeli technologies

May. 9, 2016

"I manage the Strategic Partnership Team, and if that's not clear enough, it also took us a little time to define ourselves," Novartis AG Global Program Head Strategic Partnership Team Marie Lindner told "Globes" candidly. "As a joke, I used to call it the 'Non-strategic Partnership Team,' because at the beginning, our purpose was only to look for opportunities in any areas that were not part of Novartis's core pharma franchises, so that we could get into areas that we may have missed otherwise," she told "Globes."

Things look a little differently nowadays, and the Strategic Partnership's Team has redefined itself by adding some specific opportunity areas, rather than just “white space,” Lindner says. "Our team still looks for those opportunities, but the team is also looking for opportunities in liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, hearing loss, neonatal therapy and the microbiome.

"We continue to be responsible for finding opportunities in areas that the company has marked as interesting, but in which it currently does not have much activity. Otherwise, for liver diseases, with an emphasis on NASH and cirrhosis, we discovered that we had an internal program that would be very competitive, as well as looking for outside opportunities, which is how we ended up as the business team for liver disease."

Lindner and her team will take part in the 2016 Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI)-BIOMED Conference on May 24-26 in Tel Aviv in order to look for opportunities for cooperation with Israeli companies. The conference, the flagship of the Israeli life sciences industry, will be held this year on a new format of nine tracks, each one involving a certain sector of the life sciences industry, and there will be an exhibition for companies and a special compound for startups. Novartis is the world's largest pharmaceutical company (according to 2015 revenue). Its current market cap is $202.7 billion, and its CEO is Joseph Jimenez.

For the full Globes interview click here.

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