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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
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Mapping Israel’s marketing technology industry

Aug. 17, 2016

Marketing technology is in the midst of a worldwide boom. Given the expansion of the internet, social media and various other forms of digital technology, there are a growing number of ways to market products and services to consumers. Expansion in marketing technology has been incredibly rapid.

In 2011, Scott Binder, CTO of Ion Interactive and a leading marketing technology blogger forChiefmartec.com, published research showing ~150 companies operating in the marketing technology sector worldwide. This number grew to ~1,000 by 2014 and to a resounding ~3,500 in 2016.

In just five years there has been a 2,300 percent increase in the number of marketing technology solutions and vendors. While these numbers are remarkable, Binder claims industry growth is just getting started. “We are still in the early years of marketing tech being adopted in force,” he said during his keynote address at “MarTech 2016” in San Francisco. “There’s a whole world that is catching up on this.”

Like all technological trends, the rapid expansion of marketing technology companies has made its way to Israel. Over the past few of years, Israel has become a pioneer in technologies related to sophisticated analytics in the world of big data — the engine that drives the marketing technology industry. These advanced technologies give marketing technology companies the ability to provide better results by generating better leads, analyzing more data and engaging potential customers with appropriate content at the opportune time.

Glilot Capital Partners, a Herzliya-based seed- and early-stage venture fund, has conducted extensive research in order to create an infographic mapping the marketing technology industry in Israel today (see end of article). With more than 160 companies divided into six major categories, Israel has grown into a hub for marketing technology innovation.

For the article and infographics on TechCrunch click here.

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