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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI News & Events Daily Industry News More than positioning: Israeli tech challenge

More than positioning: Israeli tech challenge

Sep. 8, 2016

By Karin Mayer Rubinstein, IATI CEO - published on The Jerusalem Post.

When refering to the image of Israeli high-tech in the world, many are quick to mention the slogan "Start-up Nation," which helped position Israel's status at the top of the world’s high-tech and entrepreneurship. There are a few suggested answers to the great mystery – how did a small, young country, at the center of the Middle East, turn into a technological entrepreneurship superpower, second in its achievements only to the American Silicon Valley? The explanations vary: from Israelis tending to take chances, to our youngsters still getting educated during their military service to be task oriented and to be team players. This is evident in the ever-growing ecosystem, thriving with innovation and high-tech centers from the country's north to its south.

However, being highly positioned and well branded is not enough for us. Israel seeks to also take the lead in other realms related to innovation development, i.e. in the activity scope of multinational corporations' (MNC) R&D centers, in increasing private and governmental investment in R&D, in establishing sustainable industry in Life Sciences, etc. At IATI, the umbrella organization for the high-tech and life sciences industries in Israel, we work to promote the industry in a way that will allow the Israeli economy to continue to thrive in a global competitive environment. There are around 700 entities from Israel and abroad operating under IATI's umbrella: entrepreneurs, start-ups in different stages, multinational companies, venture capital funds, accelerators, incubators, R&D and innovation centers, tech transfer companies, academia, etc. We create hundreds of connections and opportunities for entrepreneurs and Israeli companies, while strengthening the connections between different sectors of the industry, and between the local industry and other countries. IATI also works with the government in order to raise support and to set in motion strategic moves for the advancement of the industry in Israel.  

Click for the full articel on The Jerusalem Post.

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