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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI News & Events Daily Industry News Top 10 Israeli Advances Against Alzheimer Desease

Top 10 Israeli Advances Against Alzheimer Desease

Sep. 4, 2012  | by Avivit Mishmari

The amount and quality of medical research coming out of Israel is quite astounding. Advances in treating cancer, asthma, diabetes, sepsis, neurological diseases such as ALS – Israeli scientists have made their mark in all these areas and many more.

So it’s not surprising that some of Israel’s best minds have been tackling the mystery of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), a fatal and progressive brain disorder that is the most common cause of dementia worldwide.

AD affects about one in 20 people age 65 or older, accounting for 60-80 percent of dementia cases. In 2010, AD afflicted 5.4 million people in the United States, where it is the sixth leading cause of death. One in eight Americans will develop the disease at some point, while more than six million are affected in Europe. About half of AD patients also suffer from depression, and up to 40% exhibit symptoms similar to Parkinson’s disease as well.

To mark World Alzheimer’s Month during September, Israeli 21c website brings 10 ways the small Jewish state is contributing to solutions for a huge worldwide problem. Among them are the research fruits of companies like Avraham Pharmaceuticals, Neuronix, ElMindA, Brainsway, Allon Therapeutics and others.

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