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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI News & Events Daily Industry News Israel Acknowledges Importance of Software Patents

Israel Acknowledges Importance of Software Patents

May. 6, 2012

The patentability of software and computer implemented technologies has been a veritable hotspot in patent law over recent years in many countries. The Israeli Patent Office has now, after lengthy deliberations, settled on a formal policy. And, for those seeking to protect technology in that space, the news is particularly positive for commercially savvy innovators.

For a number of years, the Israeli Patent Office had adopted a restrictive standard in relation to computer implemented technologies. This created significant challenges for patent applicants, and to some extent placed Israel off the radar as a target market for many international businesses.

Amid discontent from a number of parties, the Israeli Patent Office embarked on a review to determine an appropriate and consistent set of examination guidelines. Following a period of public consultation, a set of final guidelines have been released.

In short, the guidelines define a relatively liberal position, rendering it possible to obtain protection for a wide range of software and computer implemented technologies. Even business methods are permissible, provided they exhibit certain characteristics.

This is encouraging, noting some other patent offices (without mentioning any specific names) have tended to use field of technology assessment as a quasi inventive step replacement, seemingly to avoid conducting appropriate prior art searches.


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