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JVP's Erel Margalit, Israel Most Successful VC: 7 Golden Rules for Entrepreneurs

Jun. 20, 2012

If you have not yet heard about Erel Margalit and Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), after a brief introduction, you will be anxious to learn from him, writes Forbes.

Erel Margalit knows what it takes to build a successful venture, the founder and chairman of Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), has overseen the successful sale or public offering of 23 portfolio companies, more than any other Israel-based investor.

Erel was previously named to Forbes magazine’s vaunted “Midas List” of top venture capitalists, chosen Israel’s top venture capitalist by The Marker, the business publication of Ha’aretz, and was honored by Private Equity International which selected JVP as Israel’s number one venture capital firm and  among the three most successful funds in Europe.

Erel Margalit is the founder and head of JVP, Jerualem Venture Partners, a leading Israeli venture capital firm. Established in 1993, JVP now has over $900 million under management and is investing in 35 companies. JVP has had 23 exits, including the sale in 2000 of optical networking firm Chromatis to Lucent Technologies for $4.8 billion.

What are Margalit's advices to aspiring entrepreneurs? Erel first advice is to be well rounded and mingle with people of different backgrounds. Other advices are: Go To Creative Hubs not R&D Centers; Focus on What not on How; Learn from the giants; and more.

 For the full Forbes interview with Margalit, see:


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