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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI Resources Best Practices for Entrepreneurs & Startups BEG!N Biomedical Engineering Internship Network by IATI

BEG!N Biomedical Engineering Internship Network by IATI


We would like to present BEG!N “Biomedical Engineering Internship Network”, IATI's newest project aimed at incorporating students of biomedical engineering in their final years of study into the biomed industry in Israel.
The goal of this initiative is to develop internship opportunities for spirited and dedicated young student workers which will enable them to develop and grow within the company. An intern can take part in time-consuming engineering tasks, such as: V&V, QA, experiments, R&D, regulatory issues, etc. In turn, the internship will provide real work experience for students wishing to build a career in biomedical engineering. 
Potential interns can be of value in a wide range of fields including: medical devices, medical imaging, biosensors, bioinformatics, biomaterials, drug delivery, diagnostics, health IT, digital health, etc. 
Leading this project is Ruthie Caspi, a young biomedical engineer, who started her professional career as an intern at a biomedical start-up, and now wishes to translate her positive experience into helping grow and develop employment opportunities for students and young graduates of biomedical engineering.
To apply for an intern and for more information, see the BEG!N presentation, or feel free to contact us at update@iati.co.il.

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