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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries


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  • Emendo Biotherapeutics
    Emendo is a genome editing company.  Emendoas founders came together to pool their collective knowledge of protein engineering and DNA repair...
  • Sebana Medical
    Sebana is a privately held biopharmaceutical Company which was founded in 2012 in Nazareth, Israel.  We have developed a drug that it’s...
  • Foamix Pharmaceuticals
     Foamix Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company, committed to addressing unmet needs of patients by bringing innovative solutions...
  • Nutrinia
    Nutrinia is developing unique therapies for Intestinal failure patients. Nutrinia's Ncapsulin technology is based on encapsulated Insulin,...
  out of 4 items.
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