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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
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Multi National Companies Forum



For the Forum's one-pager click here

During the COVID-19 crisis, the IATI MNC Forum focuses on what MNCs can do to support the Israeli community and society during the Coronavirus crisis. As many different relevant initiatives were brought up, IATI assembles, synchronizes, and keeps track of them. 

The IATI MNC Forum brings together the leaders of the leading Multinational R&D centers in Israel to promote and advance the common interests of these centers in Israel. 

Despite the obvious competition between some of the MNCs, there are many aspects in which the MNCs share common interests and goals. Read here about the advantages of MNCs in Israel.

The IATI MNC Forum is the leading Forum, where the MNCs cooperate and collaborate to promote their joint objectives.

The IATI MNC Forum is run by IATI and led by a Steering Team that is headed by Yossi Matias of Google and Raffi Margaliot of Micro Focus. For a presentation about the MNC Forum activity please click here.

The Forum also initiated and operates the annual IATI MNC Weekathon events. For info about IATI's MNC Weekathon click here.

The Forum operates via workgroups. Each Work Group convenes approximately every two months. The Forum meets bi-monthly for an update on the recent progress of the workgroup activities, to hear guest speakers in areas that are of interest to the forum, as well as for networking and collaboration purposes.

Current workgroups are:

Education Committee:

This workgroup, headed by Shahar Bar-Or of Western Digital, focuses on growing the engineering and technical capacity of hi-tech in Israel by taking actions that will increase the number and quality of students graduating from high-school and universities with a diploma in Engineering, Computing, Science & Math.

Click for the Group's one-pager.

Human Resources Work Group:

HR Managers, headed by Ronit Benbasat Rom of Intuit, collaborate to address the high tech industry challenges as well as the unique issues of Israeli sites of Multi-National Companies.  

Government Collaboration Work Group:

The Israeli government is aware that the hi-tech industry is a critical part of Israel’s success. Thus, this workgroup, Headed by Avner Goren (Texas Instruments), reviews existing government programs and how to use them effectively (ex. employment grants for headcount growth). The workgroup also seeks opportunities to improve government processes and policies that will encourage additional investments of global companies in Israel.

Academic Collaboration Work Group:

Headed by Gil Golan of General Motors, this workgroup is focused on expanding various aspects of MNC collaboration with academic institutions, including how to enable and simplify IP transfer and sharing, how to efficiently utilize academic expertise, exposing MNCs to academic research and vice versa, organizing joint events, etc.

Communications Work Group:

The objective of this workgroup, is to handle all communication aspects of the forum including press presence, get relevant information to members, track changes in the industry, and provide facts about Israel and the hi-tech ecosystem, including creating a presentation for the use of the members.

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