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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries


Website: http://www.rdseed.com/

Category: Corporate Venture Capital
Est.: 2011

Powered by RDC, a collaboration between Elron & Rafael, RDSeed Ltd invests in early stage exciting ventures.

With RDSeed your start up can enjoy the biggest R&D center in Israel (Rafael), the best financial & legal team (Elron) and a cool, creative and engaged management team to help you with getting to the market.

We want to help start ups grow and succeed, leveraging our in-house capabilities and providing all company needs. First-round investments can go as high as $1M, with an option to invest in follow-up rounds. We meet with hundreds of companies, looking for those few special ideas to invest in.

If your idea grabs us, we will use our resources to ensure that your technology base, IP, ecosystem and business plan put you on the road to success. Once your team/company is selected, you will undergo a deep due diligence process, including market/competitive landscape analysis, IP check, tech evaluation, HR, business plan & model, go to market, and legal.

Address Azrieli Center 3 Triangle Tower, 42nd Fl. Tel Aviv, Israel

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