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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
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Moona - A Space for Change

IATI Member

Category: Accelerators
Est.: 2013

Moona (“A wish” in Arabic) is a nonprofit based in the central Galilee and devoted to regional development, shared living and technology-education. Founded in 2013 by former IDF pilot and airspace-industry consultant Asaf Brimer, the organization works to provide people of all ages from across the region– Jewish and Arab– with unique opportunities and resources to develop their skills and gain experience in STEM-related industries. Through drone-building and robotics programs, regional and national competitions and events and– most notably– its laboratories, Moona provides high school/college students and budding entrepreneurs from around the region with rare, hands-on engineering and tech experiences they would not be able to find elsewhere. In so doing, Moona increases the academic opportunities available to the Galilee’s best and brightest, while stemming the tide of brain-drain from the region by providing future professionals with the opportunities they would otherwise have had to seek in the center of the country. On the organizational landscape, Moona is a becoming recognized by the authorities and overseas investors as a notable player in the advancement of critical development aims in Israel. Today its partners include the JDC, the Ministries of Education and Economy and scores of leading tech companies in Israel

General Email aya@moona.co

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