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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI News & Events Annual Events The 3rd IATI MNC Weekathon DemoDay

The 3rd IATI MNC Weekathon DemoDay

Mar. 11, 2015

Seven Israeli development centers - Microsoft Corporation, General Electric Healthcare, Deutsche Telekom AG, Kodak, Marvell, Motorola Solutions, and Citi - are collaborating on several projects at the IATI's 3rd Weekathon 2015 Event.

The Weekathon was initiated by the Forum of Multinationals Israeli Development Centers at the Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI). Each development center sent its representatives who were severed from their usual work environment, and placed in a special room provided by Microsoft Israel. Microsoft Israel R&D center general manager Yoram Yaacovi serves as chairman of the forum.

We warmly thank Afeka College that hosted the Demo Day, and the AppleSeeds academy team who participated. And we especially thank the development teams who inspired us all with their innovations!  

Click here for the presentations from 3rd IATI MNC Weekathon Demo day.

For the event press coverage click here.

Photos from the event can be seen here.

For the event's invitation click here.

For more info on the IATI MNC Weekathon tradition click here.

See you all in the next IATI MNC Weekathon!

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