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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI News & Events Annual Events The 6th IATI MNC Forum Annual Conference

The 6th IATI MNC Forum Annual Conference

Dec. 25, 2018



Over 100 Israeli General Managers of R&D centers gathered for IATI's 6th IATI MNC Forum Annual Meeting, presented new data and discussed with policy makers our shared vision for Israel's tech future: tech training projects, diverse tech work market and more.


We thank the keynote speakers:
Aharon Aharon, Innovation Authority CEO;
Moti Elisha, Director of Employment Regulation and Senior Deputy Director General Ministry of Labor (click to view presentation);
Prof. Yaffa Zilbershats, Chair of Planning and Budgeting Committee, Council for Higher Education;
Einav Aharoni-Yonas, CEO Joint Israel-Tevet (click to view presentation).

We thank the speakers and panel members of IATI's Haredim in High-Tech Committee:
Prof. Avi Weiss (click to view presentation
Natan Kandler
Moshe Friedman
Yitzik Crombie and
Sari Kroizer.

We thank our partners in all the government ministries who cooperate with us all through the year on keeping Israel's global lead in the high-tech and life science fields.

Thank you Dell EMC for hosting the event and our sponsors HFN and TMF.

Warm thanks to IATI"s MNC Forum members and to co-leaders Yossi Matias (Click to view presentation) and Rafi Margaliot who hosted,

We look forward to see you all in next year's Meeting!

Watch the Meeting's short video clip, 

Click for the Meeting's brochure

Click for the Meeting's photo album

Click for the event's agenda.

Click for the PC.Co.Il press item.

Click for the Globes item.



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