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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
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  • H2 Energy Now
    We envision a world where Renewable Energy is available when needed. Presently renewable energy is tied to when generated, resulting in lost...
  • Amit Technology
    Amit specializes in Research and development of radiotherapy and instrumentation products. The firm developed the Scalp Cooling System II, which...
  • Aquaspark Ltd.
    AquaSpark is an Israeli company, which develops an innovative technology BLTT for treatment of industrial wastewater with high contents of...
  • CheckLight Ltd
    CheckLight is a privately held company that develops innovative test procedures for water quality testing. The company is proprietary-based procedures...
  • enVerid Systems
    enVerid Systems revolutionizes HVAC energy savings for buildings of all types by dramatically reducing costly air replacement while maintaining...
  • Gauzy
    Gauzy develops, manufactures, and markets functional glass for a variety of applications in the construction, automotive, solar, media, and consumer...
  • Tevatronic
    Tevatronic was created around the idea of "Perfect Irrigation". There are two types of common mistakes with irrigation today, excessive...
  out of 7 items.
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