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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI Database Life Science Companies Pharmaceuticals Use Patent/ Reformulation

Use Patent/ Reformulation

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  • NeuroSense Therapeutics
    NeuroSense Therapeutics is a biotech company developing a unique fixed-dose combination drug for ALS.
  • Remedor Biomed
    Remedor Biomed Ltd. is an Israeli pharmaceutical company based in Nazareth. The main focus of the company is to develop and commercialize innovative...
  • Alcobra Ltd.
    Alcobra is developing pharmaceutical products for treatment of Cognitive Impairments such as ADHD.
  • NeuroRx
    More than 1000 people with bipolar disease die each day from suicidal crisis across the world. NeuroRx has demonstrated human proof of concept...
  • Peri-Ness Ltd.
    Peri-Ness is a biotechnology company focusing on addressing the problem of male infertility. The company’s product is a systemic protein-based...
  • Peritech Pharma
    Peritech pharma is a specialty pharmaceuticals development company focusing on anal-rectal products. The company’s leading product,...
  • Pharma Two B
    Pharma Two B develops clinically differentiated and value-added products, based on approved drugs. We focus on combination products of two or...
  • Vecta Ltd.
    VECTA Ltd. is specialty pharma company dedicated to the development of innovative solutions in Gastroenterology. Our goal is to develop...
  out of 8 items.
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