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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI Database Life Science Companies Medical Devices Bio-Engineering


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  • Bio Change
    BioChange is an innovator in the field of tissue engineering. Over the years the company achieved a biodegradable injectable tissue scaffold,...
  • Appiades Meditech Ltd.
    Osteoporosis Related Fractures– Prevention and Repair Medical Device.  
  • Biosan Medical
    Stroke SAH/ICH medical device treatment.
  • ClearSkin
    Effective kit for psoriasis treatment
  • Corneat Vision
    CorNeat Vision is a young medical devices startup which is focused on developing and marketing a unique and patent pending implant and a corresponding...
  • LigoFix
    LigoFix is a novel spatial fixation concept. A new device and technique applied to well known biological and biomechanical bone properties. The...
  • Magen OrthoMed Ltd.
    Magen is developing game -changing removable adhesion barriers for the multi-billion dollar spine and orthopedic markets.
  out of 7 items.
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