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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI News & Events Events Calendar An Opportunity for Your Company: Add an Intern for 6-10 Weeks – at No Cost!

An Opportunity for Your Company: Add an Intern for 6-10 Weeks – at No Cost!

May. 1, 2017


IATI in collaboration with Onward Israel is pleased to bring an opportunity for your company to add an intern for 6-10 weeks – at no cost! 

Add an Onward Israel Intern to your company. Through an internship with your company, Onward Israel participants enrich their resumes, gain specialized work experience, and become familiar with the Israeli tech job market.

As emerging professionals, seeking to enrich their own experiences, Onward Israel participants are unpaid, yet highly driven interns.

Onward Israel facilitates mid-length Israel experiences for students and young adults. Our programs take place primarily during the summer and speak directly to the interests and concerns of young-adults entering the labor force in a global world.

Six years of experience – and with over 4500 graduates – Onward Israel continues to demonstrate the added value that highly motivated, talented, and well educated interns bring to Israeli companies:

English language skills to increase a company’s global competitiveness
Increased exposure to foreign markets and opportunities
Ability to complete projects that bring value to the company
Outreach to potential future employees you might not otherwise reach
Passion, excitement and  a drive to succeed


Onward Israel interns study and work in a wide variety of professional areas; including:

Marketing, Sales, and Advertising
Technology and Cyber-Industries
Accounting and Finance
Education, Social Services, and Community Activism
Tourism and Hospitality
Engineering and Architecture
Medicine and Health Care

For more information about the program please contact:

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