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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
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The Tel Aviv Startup CEO Roundtable

Jul. 10, 2017


Hi CEO of a brilliant startup!

Marketing Envy, Barnea & Co would like to invite you to the third exclusive event in the series for startup CEOs. This time, the session will be (mostly) dedicated to making the most of PR and we have Headline Media to lead us.

The question of when to hire a PR agency always crops up in startup marketing budget discussions. Understandably, every CEO believes that the industry is eagerly waiting her invention with baited breath, so why wouldn’t the journalists and analysts be lining up to speak with her?

The answer is quite simple: As magnificent as your product may be, nobody cares. When do they care? When you can prove repeatedly that it is truly a masterpiece that can benefit many people or companies. Here's how to avoid disappointment.

During the event you'll have a chance to hear from experienced speakers:

Engaging with a PR Agency: Is your Startup Ready and How to Pick the Right Partner; by Mike Bargman, Co- founder and Marketing Director at Headline Media

The Second Round – Key terms and mistakes to be avoided; by Michael Barnea - Owner, Barnea & Co.

Eytan Buchman, Marketing Director at Freightos will share his case study on how and when to incorporate PR into your marketing.

Time & Place: July 10th, 17:00, Tel Aviv.

To RSVP click here.


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