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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
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TMTI 2019 Summit & Startup Competition

Jul. 23-24, 2019

IATI is glad to invite you to be a part of the 7th annual TMTI Summit 2019 (formerly the TAU Innovation summit) - one of the largest, international innovation summits in the Middle East. 

About the summit
With 500 startups participating and 6,000 attendees from across the world including entrepreneurs, industry leaders, diplomats, investors and incredible keynote speakers, it's a great opportunity to meet the most brilliant and daring minds on the local technology scene. 

Coverage & media
The summit will receive full media coverage before, during and after the event by TheMarker, the leading daily business newspaper in Israel. 

Top events at the summit 
* The Challenge: The biggest Startups competition in Israel: Hundreds of entrepreneurs from 10 different verticals sign up to compete over a $250K investment.

* Rothschild Tech Talk: 10 bars along Tel Aviv's trendy Rothschild Boulevard will host simultaneously lectures for hundreds of attendants.

* The main event: Fascinating panels on the subjects of entrepreneurial, investments and academia, along with international keynote speakers who will share their experience.

* Startup avenue: A unique start-up expo on campus which will feature different booths to showcase tech companies, entrepreneurs, start-ups, public sector programs and multinational R&D centers. 

Who the summit is for
The summit poses a unique opportunity to meet with the Israeli technology scene, whether for purposes of collaborations, scouting, investments etc. 

Benefits for delegations & representatives
1. Get backstage entrance to the startup early stage competition - Meet the founders in different forums and pre scheduled 1:1 sessions with selected startups. 

2. Meet local established startups in the exhibit Meet the leading startups of Israel looking for growth funding and potential collaborations. 

3. Create your tailor-made agenda with us - We will help delegations and representative meet local startups based on their criteria.  

We look forward to hosting you at TMTI summit as the most exciting industry event of 2019. Experience the creation and growth of the Israeli startup ecosystem - Tel Aviv. 

For more info visit the website of the summit – www.tmti.co.il or contact Gur Tene at delegation@tau-innovation.com , +972528811738  

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