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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
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1-1 meetings with DuPont

Mar. 15, 2014


The IATI would like to invite you to participate in 1-1 meetings with DuPont senior management :Dr. Simone Arizzi ,EMEA Innovation Leader and Eyal Eliassi, General Manager, DuPont Israel.

DuPont has interest in exploring new technologies in the following fields:

Industrial Biotech:

  • Enzymes or enzyme systems for cellulosic and hemicellulosic biomass conversion


  • Food ingredients such as hydrocolloids and emulsifiers with new functionality, texture naturalness
  • Anti-microbial active ingredients for food safety
  • New ways for encapsulation and coating of food ingredients
  •  Health and wellness ingredients.
  • Ingredients fermented or extracted from agricultural and food raw materials


  • Energy storage: electrolytes, binders, separators, cathodes, anodes for high performance lithium batteries
  • Bio-based ethylene (co)polymers
  • Surface decoration for luxury goods
  • Stain resistant surfaces
  • New high strength fibers, e.g. improved hydrolysis resistant aramids
  • Cost effective production technologies for continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites, especially UD tapes
  • Solid phasing/post molding crosslinking
  • Thermoset end use properties with thermoplastic processing
  • Efficient solid phase polymerization of very sticky polymer


If you wish to present, please send a short paragraph outlining your business and value proposition as well as the company’s status to orit@iati.co.il

For more information please contact Orit at 073-713-3401

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