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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
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Next Round Financing-Dilemmas and Solutions

Apr. 19, 2015

Next Round Financing- Dilemmas and Solutions



    WeWork Hertzliya

    1 Shankar Street, hertzliya (map)




    Cap Table Hackers….We are happy to announce our first event.

    Our April 19th launch will be all about getting your company ready for its next round of financing, regardless of stage, from pre-Series A all the way through to an exit.

    -We will share secret“hacks“ with you and explore how founders and early round investors can avoid common mistakes, misconceptions and expensive disappointments.

    -We will review case studies taken from real life.


    -We will give you the answer to the US $100 MILLION question: What will be the true dollar value of my holdings if I accept the term sheet in front of me?

    Audience: Whether you are a  startup founder, CEO, CFO, stock option holder, investor, or lawyer, this is one SESSION you don’t want to miss!

    Confirmed panelists include: 

    Raphael Meyara -  CEO of AlgoValue

    Yael Elad - CFO of Aleph VC

    Gadi Moshe -  Managing Director of Sillicon Valley Bank Israel 

    Gideon Shalom Bendor -  Managing partner of S-Cube Financial Consulting 

    Eitan - Former GE International Finance Executive with 15 years VC experience

    In Cooperation with: 

    IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industry    

    Gvahim -The Hive by Gvahim

    Privatequity - Investments Platform in the Secondary Market

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