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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
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MasterCard Masters of Code: Tel Aviv

Jun. 11-12, 2015


MasterCard Masters of Code™ Competition will kick off its Tel Aviv event on June 11 and 12, at the Lool Space in downtown Tel Aviv 

Registration is open at http://mastersofcode.com/event/tel-aviv/


MasterCard and the Developers come together: Masters of Code Worldwide Hackathons!    

The Best way to reach MasterCard APIs!  See the movie! 


Tel Aviv AngelHackers!

MasterCard’s Masters of Code, powered by AngelHack touches down in Tel Aviv on June 11th. The massive global hackathon series was kicked-off in Sydney; hit Hong Kong, Singapore, and São Paulo, and Tel Aviv, you’re next!

What is this all about? MasterCard is looking for the world’s best coders, and they've opened up their APIs so that teams can develop their ideas around using commerce technology to connect people around the world. Teams of up to 5 will converge at Lool Ventures over a period of 36 hours to battle it out against others in their region.

One winner. A whole lot of fun.

Winners from each of the 10 cities will be flown into Silicon Valley and provided accommodations for the finale later this year to compete for the grand prize ($100,000 and more!). And don’t forget the EPIC MasterCard Priceless® Experience.


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