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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
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Irrational Fest  * 30% IATI Member Discount

Jun. 22, 2015



Our 5th international Social Business Summit Bringing  together the WEB’S and Human Behavior most forward thinking innovators to discuss Behavior Economics and it’s applications in era of real time and permanent technology revolution

IATI is happy to cooperate with Socialize! Social Business Israel and invite you to:

Irrational Fest | Monday | June 22 | EAST Tel Aviv | 17:00-22:30

A GALA evening with ground-breaking speeches for web enthusiasts and people that are interested in New Economy ideas. Irrational Fest bringing together the WEB’S and human behavior most forward thinking innovators  to discuss Behavior Economics and its applications and the social dimension of decision making in an era of real time and a permanent technology revolution. 
To learn more about the fest: www.sbsummit.co
Among the speakers:
Prof. Dan Ariely, James B. Duke Professor of Psychology & Behavioral Economics at Duke

Yoav Shoham, Professor of computer science at Stanford University and Chairman Timful

Keren Litani, Founder & Chair Socialize

Kira Radinsky, CTO and co-founder, Sales Predict

Mario Herger, a worldwide Gamification guru and friend
A ticket to Irrational Fest includes dinner and VODKA VANGOGH will be served during the evening.

Register HERE:  http://sbsummit.co/register/

*To get 30% IATI Member Discount contact orit@iati.co.il



to get the IATI Member discount, contact orit@iati.co.il

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