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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI About IATI in the Press IATI's Israel Innovation Conference 2014 (MIXiii)

IATI's Israel Innovation Conference 2014 (MIXiii)

May. 20, 2014

Key speakers' insights and Announcements 

President Shimon Peres' key speech at the opening session of MIXiii - a TheMarker report (Heb).

A Globes story with Peres' speech, insights from Teva's CEO Erez Vigodman, and Becton Dickinson's announcement of its new Israeli accelerator with Microsot Ventures Israel (Heb).

Netanyahu hails booming ties with China, meets Beijing’s deputy PM, a MIXiii's key speaker. A Times Of Israel story

Chief scientist at MIXiii: Tech cares about NASDAQ, not Nablus - a Times Of Israel report.

Globes double spread on MIXiii's first day (Heb). TheMarker's double spread on the Conference's announcements (Heb). Peres at MIXiii and China-Israel  relations - a Kr8 item (Heb, scroll down). 

Microsoft Israel' next accelerator program, with BD Technologies, will focus on health tech - a TheMarker report (Heb).

Samsung Electronics' President announces new investments in digital health. A Calcalist news story and TheMarker's report (Heb).

Alcatel Lucent to open a local BellLabs in Israel - a Globes report (En), Globes Hebrew version and a Ciol story. A Times Of Israel story. A GlobalPost news itemTheMarker report, an NRG news story, a TechTime item and a Calcalist story (Heb). Bell Labs plans Israeli branch of its ‘idea factory’ - a Start-Up Israel report. Chiportal's item, Telecom News item and YNet's take (Heb). "The art of disruption" - Alcatel Lucent's blog post on its MIXiii announcement. A Reshet Beit transcript of the radio interview with IATI Co-Chair Yoav Chelouch and Dan Bielsky from Bell Labs (PDF, Heb). 

Highlights from Erez Vigodman, Teva CEO, at MIXiii - a Calcalist report (Heb).

At MIXiii: Merck signs cooperation agreement with the Chief Scientist of Israel. Ministry of Foreign Affair's announcement (En). TheMarker's story (Heb). 

Indian Micromax announces its entrance to the Israeli mobile market - a Mako-Nexter interview with Micromax founder Vicas Jain and a Start-up Israel story. A Calcalist report featrued also on MSN, a GeekTime story, a Telecom News story, a TGSpot item and a YedaTech item (Heb). Micromax founder made it to Israel to find partners - a Israel Hayom item. At MIXiii: Indian Smartphone Maker Woos Israeli App Designers - a report from The Tower.

Israeli Tech's sources of power: motivated work force and full government-industry cooperation, say MNC tops at a MIXiii panel. a StartIsrael story

Dove Moran: young start-ups should be prepared to fail. A Globes summary of MIXIiii's next generation entrepreneurs panel (Heb). A Nexter-Mako story (Heb).

Israeli Tech leading event has opened - TheMarker's cover of the opening session speeches (Heb). 

Highlights from MIXiii Semiconductor Panel - a Chiportal summary

Will we see the cure for cancer? Biomed top execs coming to MIXiii say Yes - a Globes feature story (Heb) with GE Healthcare, Becton Dickinson, Boehringer Ingelheim, Takeda and others. For the English version click here.

Some impressions from visiting MIXiii - an NRG story (Heb).

More MIXiii international press coverage in additional languages can be seen here or below at this page.

My MIXiii 2014 Summary: Peres, Liu, 6000 people and me - a post by Prof. Yesha Sivan, MIXiii High-Tech Co-Chair.

Foreign Delegations

Special delegations from New England, China & India are attending MIXiii - a Globes report (En)  (Heb), featured also on NRG (Heb).

Top global players coming to MIXiii are eager to deepen Israeli connection - a Globes post by Izhar Shay (Heb).

Geeks pile into Tel Aviv as tech conference season begins, due to attend Israel Innovation Conference - a Haaretz story.

Asian Countries Have Major Presence in Upcoming Tel Aviv Tech Conference - an Algemeiner story.

China: Israel inks tech pacts with China’s Silicon Valley, as 350 delegates from the Asian giant attended MIXiii - a Jerusalem Post storyChinese vice premier Liu Yandong at MIXiii's opening session: China, Israel to Deepen Innovative Cooperation. A CRIEnglish report. at a reception attended by 350 delegates from China participating in Israel's Innovation Conference in Tel Aviv, Israel and China signed three major agreements - a Global Post news item. 300 hundred Chinese will seek new ideas at MIXiii 2014: A TechTime storyChinese research center to will operate with TAU, delegation visits Israel for MIXiii - a Yediot Aharonot news item (Heb). "Israel's participation with China this year exceed its participation with The US". A Maariv news item (Heb). Chinese are here to talk business - a Forbes Israel story (Heb). Chiense top exec at MIXiii: We are determined to make more business with Israel - a Globes story (Hebrew). AN interview with the Chinese commerial attachee, visiting Israel for attending MIXiii, in Calcalist (Heb). Kerala IT Firms Welcomed by Israeli Counterparts - a report from The New Indian Express. 300 Chinese with government representatives arrive in MIXiii - a Telecom News story (Heb).

India: India diplomat: We want to embrace Israeli tech - a Start-Up Israel storyAround 70 Indian executives from the government and private hi-tech firms are participating at MiXiii - an Economic Times story. Business delegation from India to arrive in Israel - an i24News item. 30 Indian companies will present at MIXiii - a News1 item. Also on Telecom News (Heb). "India and Israel bond with technology, innovation" - a Daiji World news story on India's participation in MIXiii 2014. Big Response to IT Firms in Israel - a story by The New Indian Express.

The US: Cincinnati Visits Israel for MIXiii Conference - a press release from Intercoller Online. A Cincinnati-area VC firm has an offer that can tempt Israeli companies - a Times Of Israel item. River Cities Capital Fund will seek Israeli start-ups for a $20 m total investments. a Calcalist news item (Heb). ‘Reborn’ Cincinnati seeks deeper relationship with Israel, attend MIXiii - a Start-Up Israel story and a YNet news item (Heb). Cincinnati Visits Israel for MIXiii Conference - a Women-Sense item.

Japan: "The 2008 crisis did nothing but good to corporate VCs", say top execs of Takeda Pharmaceuticals and GE Healthcare Ventures, who visited Israel for MIXiii - a Globes interview.

Hong Kong makes its pitch for deeper business ties with ‘start-up nation’ Israel - a jns.org story with MIXiii announcements from the Director-General of investment promotion for Invest Hong Kong. Hong Kong Business Delegation to Visit Israel at MIXiii, Strengthen Economic Ties - a report from The Algemeiner.

Lithuanian governmental agency with Lithuanian companies and universities are taking part in one of the world's largest life science exhibitions MIXiii-Biomed - a report from The Baltic Course

Israeli trade with Turkey on track to reach record - a Haaretz article.

The Wow Start-up competition 

Start-ups competition planned on MIXiii's Start-up Pavillion. A Talniri press release. Out of hundreds, 60 start-ups will compete at the MIXiii WOW competition - a Ministry of Economy announcement. an AllMarketing summary of MIXii and the Competition (Heb).

A Doctorsblog item on the CSO Wow Start-up competition (Heb).

EchoWavePower is a winner of the MIXiii WOW Start-up Competition: a PRNewswire press release , EnergiaNews item (Heb) and a story on Hadoctor (Heb). 

Israeli Tech Industry & MIXiii 2014

 MIXiii BioMed conference draws thousands - a wrap-up article on Ministry Of Economy website.

High-Tech & Biomed: Israeli Innovation At Its Finest at MIXiii - a Times Of Israel post.

Summary of Israel Innovation Conference 2014 - an All Marketing story (Heb). 

Israel - a High-Tech giant. A Channel 7 video story (Heb).

IATI's CEO Karin Mayer Rubinstein in a video interview on Israeli Tech echo-system. a i24 News interview (En). French version

A special Haartez supplement on MIXiii and Israeli innovation (PDF, Heb) - the cover. 1st story. 2nd story. 3rd story

A special IT Magazine supplement on MIXiii (PDF, Heb). First page, second page, third page, fourth page.  

Nisha Group's survey on HR in the Biomed sector, published in occasion of MIXiii. A Calcalist story (Heb). 

The world’s first Sprint Pitch - MIXiii participants ran and cycled through the streets of Tel Aviv while listening to the pitches of start-up companies located in the center of the city. Organised by PLYmedia and supported by Tel-Aviv City Hall. A Channel 10 video story (from min. 17:55. Heb).

Israel: A Biomed And Hitech Success Story. A Times Of Israel feature story with MIXiii featured innovations. 

A Channel 10 story (Heb, starting min. 43) on advanced Agro-Tech innovations presented at MIXiii - with IATI Co-Chair Dr. Benny Zeevi and the startups GreenIQ and Phytech. 

A checkup with Dr. Smartphone - the best and brightest of Israel's innovative startups present at MIXiii. A Israel Hayom story.

The Innovation Conference, MIXiii 2014 - a Megafon News item with photos from the Conference's exhibition (Heb). Mobility Freak's editor's post on MIXiii's opening event & exhibition (Heb). 

Nisha Biomed survey data on Israeli Biomed HR published for MIXiii - an MSN Business item (Heb).

5 promising young entrepreneurs who participated in MIXiii Next Generation Panel - a GeekTime story (Heb). 

Which Israeli Tech conference you just can't afford to miss? TheMarker's answer is: MIXiii (Heb). 5 Tech events you don't want to miss, MIXiii included - GeekTime (Heb).

Mixiii 2014, of IATI and OCS, is underway - a Globes news item (Heb).

The Israeli BioMed field as a target for fertile investments: in a Haaretz Independence day supplement (PDF, Heb).

Biomed and HiTech are joining hands at MIXiii: a News1 item (Heb). 

Why I'm excited to attend the Israel Innovation Conference - MIXiii 2014. A post in Washington Hayom.

All the reasons why Israel's largest tech event is truly something else. a Blond post

"Local biomed sees future in hi-tech" - IATI Co-Chairmen Yoav Chelouche and Dr. Benny Zeevi talk about the fruitful mixture of High-Tech and Biomed in a Jerusalem Post feature story.  

Introducing MIXiii: The First Ever Joint Hi-Tech And Biomed Conference In Israel - a Business wire press item, announcing that the Conference's opening remarks will be delivered by the President Of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres.

Chief Scientist’s “Entrepreneur of the Future” contest - winners will be announced in IATI's Israel Innovation Conference 2014 (MIXiii). Click for The Times Of Israel item, IT DWH item and Channel7 news story.

"Introducing MIXiii: The First Ever Joint Hi-Tech And Biomed Conference In Israel": A Yahoo! Finance news item. Israel Innovation Conference 2014 on Promo Magazine (Heb).

Leading up to the MIXiii Conference – the annual showcase of Israel’s Biomed and Hi-tech Scene - a JMB Davis Ben-David post.

Significant representation of the chip sector at MIXiii - a Chiportal item (Heb).


Specific participants & exhibitors 

Greenberg Traurig is Lead Sponsor for The MIXiii Israel Innovation Conference - a Digital Journal press release.

Teva will present at MIXiii 2014, Teva's President & CEO will Erez Vigosman will be a key speaker in the Conference - a Sponser press release.

3D Systems CEO visits Israel for MIXiii - a Yediot Aharonot feature story

An interview with the CEO of Ceva at their MIXiii booth - a Chiportal story.

Monfort's app, featured at MIXiii, will allow monitoring neurological desease - Nana10 Online news item and MedPortal item (Heb).

Abracadabra Robotics will feature its "social" robot on MIXiii - a 1mother.net item (Heb).

Finnegan will introduce a huge safe opening competition at MIXiii - a 1mother item (Heb).

Can-Fite to Exhibit at MIXiii Biomed Israel Innovation Conference - a PR Neswire press release

IonMed will feature at MIXiii its cold plasm wound stitching device - a Megafon News item, a grey item and a Doula story (Heb),

Oramed Pharmaceuticals to Present at the IATI Israel Innovation Conference in Tel Aviv - a MarketWatch press release

Cato BioVentures Will Attend First-Ever MIXiii Israel Innovation Conference - a PRWeb press release.

Beatmed will feature its algorithm based price for med-dev at MIXiii. A Globes story.

Touche Medical will present its syringe based pump at MIXiii. A Grey press release and a MedPortal story (Heb).

InKomerce will seek funding at MIXiii: an Allmarketing news item and a SoftNews release (Heb).

Bar Ilan University scientists will expose at MIXiii gold particle for detecting mouth cancer - a News1 report

ARTsys360 will present its 3D micro-radar radar at MIXiii - a Scooper press release, also on grey (Heb) and IsraelDefence (Heb).

BioImage will feature its newest imaging technologies at MIXiii 2014: a Hayadan story.

PHYTECׂ will exhibit its agro-tech innovation at MIXiii - a Chiportal press release (Heb).

MIXiii Conference 2014 Announces The Participation Of A Prestigious Panel Of CEOs To Kick-Off The Event - a BusinessWire press release

Tel Aviv Municipality will feature a new one stop shop website for entrepreneurs from abroad - a TelAvivNow news item (Heb).

Tonix Pharmaceuticals to Present at the MIXiii Biomed Conference in Israel - a Market Watch press release.

BrainStorm will present at MIXiii 2014 - a Sponser item.

Adittional Languages

La start-up nation en mode demo - on L'agefi.

Cap sur l’Asie au salon israélien de l’innovation, MIXiii - on SiliconWadi.fr.

Los PC son rápidos, precisos, pero algo tontos - on ABC.es.

Israel desea hacer del mundo una startup - on CNNExpansión.com.

Los Bell Labs inauguran una nueva centro en Tel Aviv centrado - on Expansión.com.

Viceprimera ministra china propone cooperación mundial - Pueblo en linea. Israel y China acuerdan ampliar cooperación bilateral - on Pueblo en lineaChina e Israel prometen impulsar cooperación bilateral - on Pueblo en linea

La Conferencia de Innovación Israelí (MIXiii) - on InfoPúblico - by Aizenman Abraham.

La pregunta no es si en cada casa va haber un impresora 3D sino - on Finanzas.com.

Delegación de negocios de Hong Kong visitará Israel para afianzar - on InfoPúblico.

MIXiii : les stars de l'innovation se réunissent en Israël - on siliconwadi.fr.

2014 MIXiii Inovasyon Konferansı - on Net Gazetsi.

贝尔实验室设立特拉维夫分支机构 - on CTI论坛.

台国经协会访签合作备忘 - on 大纪元.

國經協會訪以色列簽合作備忘 - on 中央通訊社.

이스라엘 혁신 컨퍼런스 한국 사절단, 테바 방문 - on 디지틀보사.

В Тель-Авиве проходит конференция MIXiii - on IT Business Week.

Los Bell Labs inauguran una nueva centro en Tel Aviv centrado - on elEconomista.es.

Israël en India slaan handen in elkaar - on MO.


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