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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI About IATI in the Press Various Publications - Q3 2015

Various Publications - Q3 2015

Sep. 1, 2015


The IATI have elected new Co-Chairmen - Erez Tsur, EMC GM (High-tech) and Yaky Yanay, Pluristem President (Life Science). News coverage on Globes (print version), TheMarkerCalcalist, PC.co.il, NoCamels, NASDAQ press release and Telecom News (Sep. 2015).

Israel best investment after Silicon Valley - 9% of the participants in this Deloitte survey were Israeli concerns, which took part in the survey through Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI). a Globes news story (English, Hebrew).

The Supreme Court has ruled in favour of the new regulation on IP & Service inventions, now the Government has to finish the job - a TheMarker article by IATI IP Committee chairman, Tal Band of S. Horowitz & Co. (August 2015). 

The StandWithUs WIT (Women, Innovation, Technology) Conference will gather women tech entrepreneurs in Israel. IATI CEO Karin Mayer Rubinstein is one of the tech leaders chosen for the project. A TelecomNews news item , a Globes itema photo and the print version (August 2015).

"The Government should assist organizations to reach the cloud faster", says Erez Tsur, EMC Israel CEO & IATI MNC Forum Co-Chair. A PC.Co.Il interview (August 2015). 

Six companies made it to the final stage of Start-Up Open Israel Contest organized is co-operation with IATI - a PC.co.il item (August 2015).

DLA Piper Japan heads, who visited Israel for a IATI event, explain the Japanese way of solving conflicts. A Globes interview (August 2015).

Italian Council of Commerce seeks to develop commercial relations with Israel, following their visit to IATI Biomed 2015 -  a Globes item (August 2015).

New IATI data shows: MNC R&D centers donate over NIS100 million a year to the local community. EMC Israel CEO Erez Tzur, Microsoft Israel R&D Center CEO Yoram Yaacovi (both Co-Chairs of IATI's MNC Forum), and IATI CEO Karin Mayer Rubinstein, explain how. A Globes story , a PC.co.il story and a Telecom News item (August 2015).

Erez Tsur, CEO EMC & IATI MNC Forum Chairman, spoke at Dun's 100 Forum. A Globes feature story. For the photo click here (July 2015). 

Less than 5% of local High-Tech investments were made by Israelis, says IATI CEO Karin Mayer Rubinstein in a special Globes interview (July 2015).

Israeli life science firms seek help to follow Teva's lead. With IATI co-chair Benny Zeevi commenting on medical product licensing. Reuters feature story (July 2015). 

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