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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI About IATI in the Press Various Publications - Q4 2015

Various Publications - Q4 2015

Dec. 1, 2015

For IATI press appearences concerning the IATI & MasterCard Israel Technology Award 2015 click here.

For press coverage of the IATI STEM Education Project click here.

TheMarker's special 2015 High-tech & Life Science Book came out on December 2015. Featured on it are: IATI Co-Chairs, Erez Tsur and Yaky Yanay, IATI CEO Karin Mayer Rubinstein, 4 of IATI Board Members and Yaky Yanay, Pluristem President.  

Israel's advantage lays in its human factor & knowledge - an interview with IATI Co-Chair Erez Tsur on Globes' HighTech supplement. Click for Page 1, Page 2 (Dec. 2015). 

Innovative IT assimilation reflects an organization's ability to survive, says Erez Tsur, EMC Israel CEO and IATI Co-Chair, in Globes' IT Magazine interview. Click for the print edition: Page 1 , Page 2 (Dec. 2015). 

The race for clever storage: a special interview with Erez Tsur, EMC Israel CEO and IATI Co-Chair, is the cover story of Leaders magazine. Click for the print version.

What will 2016 bring for the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange? IATI Co-Chair Yaky Yanay comments on biomed publically traded companies and the prospects of more foreign investors stepping in. A video story (Bizportal, Dec. 2015).

Chinese look up to Israeli innovation - a memorandum of understanding was signed between IATI and Chinese province Shandong. A Telecom News item.
See also: 
Israeli Life Science reach China - a YNet short item (Dec. 2015). 

National Coding Olympic is just about to take off. IATI Co-Chair Erez Tsur explains why the project is crucial for Israeli High-Tech's future. An Israel Hayom feature story (Dec. 2015).

A medical vision that might save your life: IBM Watson VP Kathy McGroddy-Goetz shared it at DigitalHealth.il Conference, initiated by IATI and others (Globes, Dec. 2015).

Japanese Takeda sends a delegation to Israel, will participate in IATI's DigitalHealth Conference (YedaTech, Dec. 2015)

IATI Co-Chair Erez Tsur comments on the Safe-T IPO - a Calcalist news story. Print version (Nov. 2015).

IATI Coding Olympics will expose 250,000 school children and students to computer science. A TheMarker feature story with Shachar Bar-Or, Head of IATI MNC Forum Education Work Group, interviewed. Print version (Nov. 2015).

Companies like MannKind should not be approved for dual listing on TASE, says Yaky Yanay, Pluristem Therapeutics​ President and IATI Co-Chair. A Calcalist interview. A BizPortal item Nov. 2015).

 Lior Weizman of IBM Israel lists IATI as one of the Israeli organizations which help promoting women in High-Tech (TheMarker, Nov. 2015).

IATI Co-Chairs Erez Tsur and Yaky Yanai in a special TheMarker article, encouraging Minister Aryeh Deri and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to allocate more budgets toward creating an "industry locomotion" in Israel's northern periphry (Oct. 2015).  

144 Israeli Digital Health companies were set up in the last 2 years, says Dr. Benny Zeevi, outgoing IATI Co-Chair, in a TheMarker feature story on Digital Health. (Nov. 2015). The data is taken from the 2015 IATI Life Science Industry Report

"Integrating Arab engineers in Israeli High-Tech is more important than ever" - SanDisk joins hands with Galil Software. With insights from IATI CEO Karin Mayer Rubinstein. a Globes story - Print edition (October 2015).  

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