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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI About IATI in the Press Various Publications: Q2 2019

Various Publications: Q2 2019

May. 1, 2019

For the press coverage of MIXiii-Biomed Conference 2019 click here.

Media Coverage of IATI's Israeli Life Science Report 2019:

Summary & analysis of the report - Globes.

An opinion piece on the report data - Globes.

According to the 2019 IATI Israeli Life Sciences Industry Report, Local Industry Kept Growing In 2018 - Business Wire.

Israel’s life sciences firms said to raise record $1.5 billion in 2018 - The Times Of Israel.

Israeli Life Sciences Sector Raised Record $1.5 Billion In 2018 – Report - NoCamels.

Israeli life science industry in full growth - Sponser. 

Patients of the future will be treated by virtual doctors, ‘health Waze’ - The Times of Israel.

* * *

IATI's statement against new 2019 elections in Israel:

IATI Against Re-Elections in Israel: Will Damage the Ease of Doing Business - PC.Co.Il

“Everyone knows that political instability means economic instability,” says IATI Co-Chair Erez Tsur - The Jerusalem Post

Political Uncertainty Could Spell Economic Paralysis - Hamodia.

Will the high-tech sector confront Netanyahu? - PC.Co.Il

* * * 

IATI CEO and IATI Co-Chair in Israel 2048 Conference - YNet and Walla Business News

IATI CEO: Our Vision Includes a Thriving Industry Within a Growing Society - Haaretz. 

IATI CEO in a special interview: High-Tech Will Keep Leading Israeli Economy's Growth - PC.Co.IL.

National Cyber Olympics - items about the winning schools:


Israel Now

Rishon's local paper

Kan Ashkelon

Colbo News

Kan Ashdod

Tzomet KFS

B106 website

Tzomet HRZ


The Finnish Ambassador to Tel Aviv hosted the heads of Nokia, IATI Member, for the Corporate's Annual Executive Leaders Event, with Nokia Israel heads and IATI Co-Chair Erez Tsur - Globes. Maariv, Walla, Y-Net.

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