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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI About IATI in the Press IATI's Biomed Israel 2013

IATI's Biomed Israel 2013

Jun. 10, 2013

Ruti Alon, the Conference Co-Chairperson, speaks with Bloomberg news before the event.

A Globes feature story with Ruti Alon.

Dr. Eric Lander, the Conference's key speaker, on a Yediot Aharonot item.

A Globes interview with Graeme Martin, CEO of the Japanese Takeda Ventures, who was visiting Israel prior to participating in the Conference.

The Marker's feature story.

An Israel Channel 2 News' feature story.

A Hayadan story about the German ZiMT delgation's innovations in the endoscopy field, and on BioImage's MRI abilities, both presented on the Conference.

Italian delegation on the Cnference: a press release.

A press release on the Brittish biomed & pharma delegation. 

A Haaretz story on a Tel Aviv University researchers' discovery that was presented in the Conference. And on a Bar-Ilan University technology

A YNet video story about Israeli BioGaming's technology, presentes in the Conference (Hebrew).

New1 on B.G Negev's technology

A press release on Orgenesis' technology.

A Fort Mill TImes story.

A Globes report with the Conference's key speeches (Hebrew and English) and Teva's CEO's speech.

A Calcalist feature story.

A Jerusalem Post report.

A Times Of Israel story on the Conference's new concept.

Conference co-chairperson Benny Zeevi: "Israeli life science industry has tripled its size in ten years". A feature story in The Marker (Hebrew).

A Rechet Beit radio interview with Benny Zeevi, IATI Biomed Israel 2013's Co-chairperson & IATI's Co-chairman.

a Globes interview with Nobel prize laureate in Chemistry, Prof. Dan Shechtman, a keynote speaker.

How Israel ‘saved’ Italy’s life sciences business - a Times Of Israel story.

Top UK biomed executives arrive in Israel - a YNet story.

A summary of the German & Italisn delegations' activity - a Hayadan feature story.

report & video story on Arutz Sheva.

IATI-BioMed 2013: Digital Age Revolutionizing Life Sciences - a Business Wire press release.

A Channel 10 TV story about two companies presented in the Conference: Medisafe and Telesofia Medical.

A Galei Tzahal radio report from the Conference, interviewing Ruti Alon.

A Calcalist item featuring IATI's Life Science Industry Report.

2012 was a record year for Israeli life science exits: a Hayadan story.

A Globes report on the social side of the Conference. 

A TheMarker video story on Mazor Robotics' presentation in the Conference.

A Fortmill Times press release on Yissum announcement in the Conference. 

A Talniri press release on Bio-Jerusalem's announcement.

A Zepo item on Chinese ZVCA announcing an agreement with the economic company Haifa.

A Hayadan's item on German Serend-ip's technological announcements in the Conference.

A News1 story on the Italian delegation. 

An Ansa Med story on Israel's biomedical exchange with Italy.

The Baltic Course with a feature story on achievements of Lithuania's life science industry presented in Israel.

A Reshet Beit radio interview  with the CEO of Prefax, one of the Conference presentators.

A press release on Pluristem's announcements.

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